hold me still

mumbles about baseball and superstitions



listen here ; a mix for driving and just getting away.

michael wacha is beautiful goodbye


u know when u see someone and you’re like “oh no they’re hot” and then you see them in plaid and you’re like “oh christ they’re really hot”


Leslie Rightmowar’s ceremonial first pitch wasn’t exactly in the strike zone, but what happened afterwards was the biggest of home runs.
Leslie’s husband, Sr. Chief Dawan Rightmowar, a 23 year Navy veteran has been deployed to Pakistan for 7 months.With their eldest son gone on his first Naval deployment, and Leslie at home with their younger 2 children, the Rightmowars deserved a little something special. So given a brief leave, Dawan decided to surprise his family at a Cardinals game. We think it’s safe to say that the pictures speak for themselves.


I SAID i like the team




what if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent


Reblogging again because that is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all week

watching the Cubs game until i have to go to work because that’s how bored i am

(and by bored i mean desperate for baseball)


Nah think I’ll keep the beard for the summer


Nah think I’ll keep the beard for the summer


the selfie generation; songs for the 90s bitches, the young volcanoes, and anyone who’s feeling 22 — because when “the greatest generation” started shitting all over us, we wrote love songs to ourselves ♥ {listen}